Konzilo is an open source content collaboration system that makes it easy to set up an editorial workflow for your organisation. It helps you document your content strategy and follow it through your content creation process.

Find Konzilo on github


Create article ideas on the fly and plan when to publish the article, and what strategy should be used when writing the article ahead of time.


Plan what parts an article consists of and assign the job to groups or individual inside or outside of your organisation.


A content supplier can log in to the system and deliver the content directly in Konzilo. Konzilo supports text, images and media through oembed.


Editors can review the content before articles are published. The editor can approve the content or send it back, with comments to the original author.


Konzilo is built to be able to support any type of endpoint. It comes with support for Drupal 7 out of the box. More endpoints are coming soon.


Konzilo consists of two parts. A RESTful webservice and a web application built with AngularJS. The data is stored in MongoDB.


Install konzilo

  1. Install konzilo web service globally:
    npm install -g konzilo_webservice
  2. Run konzilo init, with optional arguments:
  3. konzilo init mykonziloname